Because of their monologue after the newest cartoon show, it’s not knowing what Kiyotaka thinks about its dating

Because of their monologue after the newest cartoon show, it’s not knowing what Kiyotaka thinks about its dating

The earliest affairs inside it Kiyotaka making an application for Ken to become listed on Suzune’s study category, but he first turned it down. Kiyotaka after saw Ken when he was facing Kakeru along with his boys before Honami bankrupt it. He then avoided Ken off escalating the new brawl even more just before inviting him again on the analysis classification, though Suzune needed to encourage your then to participate

That was a big action getting Yosuke because except that Kei, and their phony relationship, he treated people similarly and never named some body from the the very first name as the experience inside middle school

In the event the entire category enacted the exam, Ken is the singular who did not rating a demise grade and you may was at danger of being expelled, but Kiyotaka stumbled on his aid along with Suzune by the compromising fifty,100000 circumstances for every single to stop it. Later on, good celebratory class is thrown at Kiyotaka’s place in which Ken and his family unit members attend. When Kikyo hinted one to Kiyotaka aided Ken aside, men and women prevented its factors and you will turned to find out if it was true however, he passed a full credit in order to Suzune.

Whenever Ken was implicated out of assaulting youngsters away from C-Category, Kiyotaka made a decision to assist in preventing Ken’s expulsion because of the enlisting the aid of anybody else, including Honami and you can Airi just who both assisted assemble proof.

For the Occurrence 5, he is one of the few students just who met with the Scholar Council to aid confirm Ken’s purity from the assaulting experience.

Whenever C-Class withdrew their complaint against Ken, the guy gladly informed Kiyotaka in the development. Again, Kiyotaka hid his wedding along the way by congratulating Ken and giving Suzune the financing, leaving Ken to inquire in the event the Suzune extremely performed let. Following temporary event, Ken left to own routine as Kiyotaka seemed toward.

In the light books, he could be shown to be into the a good terms and conditions and appearance so you can feel close friends however it is unknown if the guy truly observes him as a result. Much later on, Ken are shocked to see several of Kiyotaka’s genuine skills from the the fresh new activities event and you can was disong the girls.

In lieu of Kanji and Haruki, who will be jealous and you may be a keen inferiority complex to help you Kiyotaka, Ken still hangs up to your even with their the latest popularity.

Yosuke Hirata

It very first found when D-Group introduced by themselves and you can Kiyotaka instantly thought Hirata will be preferred. Hirata along with acknowledged him to make an endeavor in the introduction.

They didn’t securely come together before cruise, in which Yosuke tried to rating Kiyotaka to be an intermediary in bringing Suzune Horikita locate with the best terms to your group.

During the endurance test, he and Yosuke works together in starting camp. Whenever Kei’s undergarments is stolen, Yosuke featured this new people for them and Kiyotaka imagine he might be stuck once the Yosuke located them on the him (immediately following Kanji place her or him on the him). not, Yosuke covered to possess him much so you can Kiyotaka’s amaze. Kiyotaka questioned as to the reasons because Yosuke shown the guy understood you to definitely Kiyotaka wouldn’t perform anything. This suggested he trusts your so you can a qualification, even after barely understanding him.

Following emergency decide to try, it is showed that Kiyotaka will not recognize Yosuke since the an ally, but merely a great pawn in helping him victory.

On the white books, Kiyotaka does not completely trust Yosuke despite hearing the upheaval on their friend’s suicide that added him to become a failed beginner and you can belong to group D. Kiyotaka candidates this is not the real reasoning and cannot give if or not they are lying or perhaps not.

Inturn, Yosuke did actually possess stuck on to Kiyotaka’s involvement within their class‘ achievement. In the frequency 11, when Yosuke got depressed because the guy sensed ineffective to have not able to save yourself Yamauchi, Kiyotaka went to consult Yosuke. Yosuke next finally experienced element of Kiyotaka’s real nature: high-pressure, cooler. In the event Kiyotaka is having fun with dreadful terms and conditions to talk Yosuke, the new feeling which was bottled upwards within your hurried out along with his tears. Then thanked Kiyotaka. After that, during the volume 11.5, Yosuke went and seek assistance from Kiyotaka about any of it dating and you may like, immediately after solving that condition, Yosuke asked when the he may name Kiyotaka from the 1st label, not to mention, Kiyotaka consented. This means one to Yosuke provides probably moved on of that event. Hirata has actually a lot of esteem and you can trust put on Kiyotaka, and you will create safeguard him in case the state actually ever appears including when the classification thought your out of cheat to track down full scratches toward Math try.

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